90,000 Mile Maintenance

90,000 Mile Maintenance | Gateway Auto Service | Chicago, Illinois

90,000-mile-maintenanceBefore your car hits 100,000 miles, we strenuously recommend that you get a 90,000 mile checkup. The biggest reason for this is that your car’s final warranties will, in most cases, expire at 100,000 miles, and that will leave you in an expensive lurch if something happens after that milestone. The value of your car also diminishes rapidly at 100,000 miles and so if you are considering selling it, this is a good time to consider a trade in or an outright sale. At Gateway Auto Service, we provide the different milestone check up you need to ensure that your car is in the best working order and if you are getting close to 90,000 miles we urge you to take it in for a maintenance check.

90,000 Mile Maintenance With Gateway Auto Is A Must!

Our 90,000 Mile Maintenance Checkup includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shock absorber & strut replacement
  • Engine coolant hose replacement
  • Belt & chain replacement
  • O2 sensor check
  • And everything that is in the 60,000 and 30,000 mile checks


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This is one of our more expensive maintenance services, but for those who want to keep their cars it poses a great value for them, as they will be assured that the vehicle is in good operating condition for the foreseeable future and is still usable on a day to day basis.


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