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drivetrain-specialist-gateway-auto-service-chicago-illinoisGateway Auto is a well-known and greatly experienced auto repair company that can service virtually every aspect car repair. The drive train on your car is vital to the functioning of your vehicle and your safety on the road. Drive train operates aspects of your car like the axles and clutches on manual transmission cars. If your car’s axles are weak or in poor condition potholes and other bumps on the road can seriously damage your vehicle.

Does Your Car’s Drivetrain Need Repaired?

Poor axles can even cause your vehicle to malfunction, and when it does, they may even break which can seriously damage or even total your car. You should have your drive train checked regularly to ensure that your car’s CV joints, CV boots and axles are all in good condition with no flaws. If these parts of your car malfunction then the ability to drive your vehicle safely diminishes greatly, and we do not want you to suffer through this, as much as you don’t want to have to pay for repairs on them.

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For your manual transmission vehicle we understand that replacing vital parts, like the clutch, which moderates the gear functioning in your car. The clutch on any car is expensive, and when it breaks it becomes a hassle to repair and replace. The older the car is including classic cars, the harder the clutch is to replace when it breaks.

You can tell when the clutch is starting to wear out by the amount of pressure you need to exert on it, and when you find that pressure is changing, bring it to us at Gateway Auto straight away! We will do our best to provide you with the most affordable solution to your vehicular problems while providing the best quality service you can find anywhere in the Chicago area.

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