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exhaust-systemsThe exhaust system in a car is one of the least attractive parts, but is also one of the most important. The United States has a number of regulations about vehicle emissions that must be followed and your car’s exhaust system helps keep those in place. The exhaust system also serves the purpose of helping your car rid itself of noxious and dangerous gas emissions that could otherwise make you and your passengers sick over time. These are some of the base reasons to have a working exhaust system, but are not the sum total.

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The exhaust system helps process the emissions of burned or exhausted fuel through the different parts of your vehicle, like the turbocharger on your sports car, or the muffler that keeps your car running quietly. It processes the emissions from the catalytic converter, and in general the engine as well.

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The emissions that these parts of your car have to let off somewhere and without a working exhaust system your engine can blow, the transmission can overheat and a multitude of other problems can occur within the vehicle. Gateway Auto Service has well trained auto repair technicians who can resolve the exhaust system problems of most makes and models with ease.

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